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Invest in your team's development without budget constraints

Mydra provides easy access to the world's top courses, tailored for your team's needs and budget, ensuring skill development is personalised for each employee.

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Future-proof your team,
without the headache

With Mydra, you don’t need more resources to build a successful learning culture - we optimise what you already have.

Personalised learning hub

All your courses centralised. A pre-vetted course catalog with personalised learning paths for each employee.

Flexible course financing

Spread the cost of training over time and optimise the use of local tax benefits and government grants.

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Data and impact tracking

Insights on you team’s development, ensuring easy compliance tracking through recorded training hours.

Your curated learning centre

All the best courses at your fingertips. We pre-vet the top learning providers for you, and provide automatic AI-powered learning paths to guide your team through them.

Course catalog

Cut through the course clutter

Your ready-to-use learning hub, featuring a curated collection of pre-vetted courses.

AI Career paths

Build personalised career paths in minutes

Our AI-powered career plan generator allows each of your employees to build their own personalised learning path, aligning with their skills and career goals.

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Target your team’s development with precision

Insights on you team’s development, ensuring easy compliance tracking through recorded training hours.

Flexible Payments

Optimise your training budget

At the heart of our platform is a commitment to make skill development accessible for all your employees, fitting seamlessly into any budget size. Our flexible payment solutions are designed to adapt to your financial needs while maximising learning opportunities.


Pay for education in fixed monthly instalments

Offer your employees the benefit to spread the cost of their learning over time. With no large upfront payments, they can fit their training costs seamlessly into their financial planning.

Tax benefits

Leverage government grants and flexible benefits

Through our integration with government grant schemes and flexible benefit platforms, you can ensure you're getting the most value out of every euro spent.

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Share the cost of training

Through our Employee Learning Sponsor Agreement (ELSA), simplify cost-sharing between you and your employees, making it easier to invest in their growth.

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How to upskill your team in the era of Gen Ai

Explore how to craft personalised learning journeys, pinpointing the precise stages within the AI learning framework where your team can flourish.

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We help the best educators around the world reach a new audience. Learn how we can help learners find and fund your courses.

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