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Once in a generation something so profound comes along that allows you to be one step ahead.

For Individuals

Progress made certain. Mydra's career Co-pilot wiill accelerate your career through training tailored to your goals and removing all budget and payment friction.

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Obstacles or opportunity? It's in your power to turn your team's skills gap into a competitive advantage.

+300 Education Providers

Upgrade your career game-plan
with our AI-powered Career Co Pilot

Skills gap analysis
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Personalized learning paths
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Stop telling yourself that you’re not qualified, good enough or worthy. Growth happens when you start.

Mydra guides you to your next level be it getting into the depths of the real-world applications of AI or English proficiency.

Learn wherever you are
Make your
own path

AI features made for you

We know you work hard. It's time to work smart too

Play, explore, design and conquer your career goals and real work challenges with the power of Mydra personalised training recommendations.

Discover your AI level with our 7step AI Upskilling Framework

Are you only using ChatGPT? We will take to the next level of AI expertise. Don't miss out—start today!

You already use an upskilling platform but how well is that working for your team's upskilling?

10x the return of your investment with Mydra. The magic happens when we connect upskilling to real work and career problems. Mydra Career Copilot will guide your team to the best training and tools and apply them to real life. Mydra is a platform that goes beyond skills to outcomes.

Elevate your training with Mydra experience

We will bring you more learns. But we will not stop there. Mydra brings the user context to your training and maximizes their career and productivity outcomes.

Help learners find and fund top upskilling courses

Offer flexible financing option for your students

We're a curated community, supporting skills development and smart work, leveraging the top and emerging training and tools


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We will match you with the training that will get you the outcomes

Everything is free on the internet. You can argue you don’t even need formal education. But not everyone has the discipline. And that’s okay. Some need personal trainers, some need coaches. On Mydra we’ll only show you the best. We pre-vet the top learning providers for you, and then...

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Access tax discounts

Through our integration with government grant schemes and flexible benefit platforms, you can ensure you're getting the most value out of every euro spent.

Pay in 0% interest instalments

Offer your employees the benefit to spread the cost of their learning over time. With no large upfront payments.

Add your Learning Budget

With a defined budget, you can choose courses that best suit your needs and expectations, without compromising quality due to financial constraints.

How smart can your upskilling investment be?

Use the calculator below to simulate different ways to pay for your course using FixPay, Retribución Flexible or a combination of both.

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