Boost your course enrolments

Mydra is designed to empower educational institutions in reaching more learners.

Mydra helps learners find and fund top upskilling courses

By partnering with us, you directly contribute to closing the talent gap and fostering a skilled workforce ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Offer flexible financing options for your students

Our payment solutions are designed to adapt to your student’s financial needs while maximising learning opportunities.

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Pay in monthly instalments

Offer your students the ability to spread the cost of learning over time with no large upfront payments.

Share the cost with employer

Simplify cost-sharing between students and their employees, making it easier to invest in their growth.

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Lead Gen

Increase your number of students

Joining our course catalog opens your institution to a vast business audience and enables you to reach beyond traditional student demographics.


Our partnership options

With Mydra, you don’t need more resources to build a successful learning culture. You can optimise what you already have.

Financing Support

When you convert the student(s)


Access to all financing options

Branded application page

Personalised course page creation

Financing & LeadGen

When we convert the student(s) for you

Everything in financing support plus...

Generated leads for your courses

Placement in our course catalog & career path

Account Manager onboarding support

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